Power Amplifier

  • Amplifier PA60A
  • Ampliier PA-240


  • Speaker CS510F
  • Speaker CS-820
  • Speaker CU-410F
  • Speaker IWS-10 IWS10

Power Amplifier

Amplifier PA60A

The Inter-M PA60A is a professional 60 watt integrated mixer amplifier for both 100v line and low impedance loudspeaker systems.
The PA60A Mixer Amplifier can be desktop or rack-mounted and is ideal for commercial audio applications such as background music, paging and public address.
This economical multi-purpose mixer amplifier features 6 inputs; 5x microphone or line level, balanced on XLR female and/or euro terminal block connectors on the rear of the unit. Each input terminal features rear-mounted level selector switch for microphone or line level sensitivity

Ampliier PA-240

  • PA-60, PA-120, PA-240 are mixing amplifiers of 60, 120, 240W.
  • They are fitted with 5 inputs MIC or LINE with 2 priorityinputs, one LINE input, one TEL IN input, two bands bass and treble tonality adjustment, an integrated chime remote controlled through EXT CHIME, 5 selectable 70/100V outputs, one 4Ω output and one EXT MUTE allows you to mute all non-priority inputs.
  • Optional BKT-A120 allows you to adapt these amplifiers inside 19’’ racks.



Korea’s best integrated speaker system company Inter-M is now releasing all new 5 inch 10W ceiling speaker!


    Weather-resistant design for harsh outdoor environments.
    Aluminum alloy construction and anti-rust coating for long life and durability.
    Full-range two-way speaker system and matching transformer for high efficiency PA system performance.
    Installs easily with included bracket.


  • A New design of column speaker, is for indoor speaker, and it matches with interior very well. Also, the first column speaker that has the KS certification can be guaranteed high reliability and function and it provide a rich quality sound so it fit to multiple usage building such as department store.

IWS-10 IWS10

Inter-m wall speakers providing a natural and smooth sound with a variety of It fits to any places that announcements and BGM required such as schools, government office, hotels and etc. And it ensures the quality and durability by acquiring KS certification in the Korea’s first.

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