Addressable Detectors

  • Alarm Bell MBF-6EV
  • Call Point HCP-E
  • Sensor ACB-E
  • Sensor YBO-BS
  • Wall sounder CHQ-WS2

Power Amplifier

  • Economy Panel HFP-AP-4SS
  • Economy Panel HFP-AP-6S96S
  • Economy Panel HFP-AP-ARNS

Addressable Detectors


The MBF-6EV is a six-inch diameter internal use Conventional Alarm Bell based upon the industry standard KOBELL range.

Call Point HCP-E

Sensor ACB-E

  • Model ACA-E is a Multi-Sensor, which is fully compatible with Hochiki’s ESP AnalogueAddressable Protocol, and incorporates a thermal element and High Performance photoelectric smoke chamber.
  • The ACA-E has three modes, which are controlled from the Control Panel, allowing either the optical element or thermal element or both elements to be active in making the fire decision.
  • The sensor polling LED’s can be controlled via the Control Panel (pulsing/non-pulsing). The ACA-E smoke chamber can easily be removed or replaced for.

Sensor YBO-BS

Model YBO-BS is an addressable loop powered Base Sounder innovatively designed to give a range of tones and volumes with a maximum output of up to 98 dB(A) (±2 dB(A)) with low current consumption. The unit is designed to fit to the Standard Base (YBNR/3) or the Isolator Base (YBO-R/SCI – from Batch Number 6044) and can be fitted with any of the ESP Range of Sensors, Beacons or Remote Indicators. The unit can also be converted into a wall sounder with the simple addition of a Cap (SI/CAP). The sounder is Ingress Protection rated to IP21 and for internal use only. An Auto-Shutdown feature allows the user to set a fixed time within which the sounder will operate, before automatically silencing itself, cutting noise pollution.

Wall sounder CHQ-WS2

Economy Panels

Economy Panel HFP-AP-4SS

Economy Panel HFP-AP-6S96S

Available with 6 or 8 detection circuits, each capable of hosting up to 126 devices (Apollo), 240 devices (Argus Vega) or 127  devices (Hochiki). Syncro uses the most advanced microprocessor technology to provide a control system of extremely high integrity.
Syncro can be configured to suit all types of system, from the most simple, to the highly complex. Its fully integrated and secure network provides comprehensive scalability.

Economy Panel HFP-AP-ARNS

The simple and attractive HFP repeater panels can be connected to any point on a HFP network to provide an additional compact display point for all events on the fire alarm system.
Using the same large format graphics display as the main control panel ensures that a clear and concise text indication of the system status is given at all times.
Primary indications is provided by the full graphic LCD with additional indications for power, fire, fault and disablement conditions provided by discrete LEDs.

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