+3 CC4


Cross-cutter with clear opening cap and automatic suspension closure: Up to 14-sheet shredding capacity at one time by inserting it into the throat in the front. Rip CDs, DVDs and credit cards by inserting them into the second loop.

240.1 S5

Carbon-reinforced cutting knives, not affected by metal pins and clamps. High precision cutting knife design allows for high loads
With low energy consumption. Thermal motor protection. Continuous 24-hour drive for service: No duty cycle or cooling time.
Complete stop bag with light signal.

260 C4

Cross section with high-quality steel cabinet mounted on wheels. Equipped with a heavy duty chain operating system with metal gears and carbon-reinforced cutting knives that are not affected by pins and clamps.

400 WB

Central cross-cut shredder designed to shred computer printed documents in addition to paper coming from waste baskets across the entire office floor: just insert paper into the dedicated throat or empty the trash bin in the large hopper, the awesome cutting knives

AF.1 C4

The Kobra AF.1 C4 automatic automatic cutting machine is the most innovative automatic cutting machine available on the global market: its 37ppm speed allows fast cutting of large quantities sheets. Kobra AF.1 features a 300-sheet large paper tray and separate entrance for manual manual shredding.


High-security industrial segment designed for large quantities of “classified” documents (500 sheets at a time). Two high levels of safety available: Level 005 (NATO certified) and Level 006 that meets the latest shredding standards: NSA / CSS 02-02 Specification for Paper Destruction, NSA / CSS Standard 04-02 for Optical Media Destruction.


Kobra SSD are hard drive / hard disk drives capable of destroying SSDs, smartphones, memory sticks, iPads,
USB memory devices, pen drives, tablets, circuit boards, credit cards, and ID cards with integrated electronic chip and / or magnetic
Media, CD / DVD, IC flash memory chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and / or flash memory.
Torn materials are reduced in molecules of variable sizes.

+1 SS7

Straight cutter. The 26-sheet cutting capacity at one time makes it convenient and easy to operate. Rip CDs, DVDs and credit cards by inserting them into the wide, comfortable throat. Equipped with an “ENERGY SMART” system with an effective light indicator for energy saving standby and environmental protection.

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